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The Psychology Behind Copywriting in Modern Day Marketing

Author: Edward Andrews, Eddy Andrews Conceptual Copywriting Services, 100 Queens Street, Brisbane Queensland 4000 Australia Abstract: Copywriting is an integral part of modern-day marketing. Its purpose is to influence people's behavior, persuade them to buy a product...

Eddy Andrews Unveils All-new Referral Scheme For Clients

With a lot of individuals feeling the squeeze, experienced copywriter and content strategist Eddy Andrews is looking to give back to his clients during this period with the launch of a brand new referral scheme. Launched on the first of January 2023, and applying to...

Why Your Website Needs A Blog

Are you looking to boost your SEO? Do you want to maximise your reach and build your customer base? Then experienced copywriter Eddy Andrews says adding a blog to your website can help you take your business to the next level. Regularly blogging plays a vital role in...

Check out my new explainer video!

Eddy Andrews Copywriting Services Explained The right words, whether in the form of copy or content, can make a world of difference in your marketing. In fact, good writing can change everything. If you speak to your audience in a way that moves them, inspires them,...

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