Eddy Andrews the Brisbane based content writer. 




There’s all times when we don’t know what to write. This can happen to anyone. You can reflect on your high school days and how you didn’t want to do your essays. This is where Eddy Andrews could help you out. She specializes in conceptual content. In a nutshell, this means that she is a copywriter and she can help you with your video content, writing, and even for those computer related writing jobs such as words for apps.


Eddy Andrews is 24 years old and has a Masters in journalism and PhD in computing. She has experience in the field with hundreds of happy consumers, and having worked on thousands of articles. She is Scottish but she moved to Australia.


You can connect with Eddy Andrews on her website at EddyAndrews.com. There is a space there for you to fill in the boxes to ask for more information. On there, she even has archives of her latest work.


You can expect Eddy to be in the know about everything to do with computer and marketing. She has a broad education that she employs to help her clients. She doesn’t just know how to write well, but she can do things like information architecture. While she admits that this can be a lot to process, she interjects that she will be there to guide the whole process.


When you don’t know where to start but you want to make a mark on the Internet, it’s time to call Eddy Andrews. She will get you up and running. You will also get great blog content in the process as well, which she can in turn write. You will be able to read more about her thoughts on all the processes she engages in on her well laid out website.