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With a lot of individuals feeling the squeeze, experienced copywriter and content strategist Eddy Andrews is looking to give back to his clients during this period with the launch of a brand new referral scheme. Launched on the first of January 2023, and applying to all new and existing clients, the promotion will give a 20% discount on your next order for every new referral, while those who refer 1 or more will receive $250 back!

As 2023 gets underway, experienced copywriter and content strategist Eddy Andrews is excited to announce the launch of a brand new referral scheme designed to help clients save money. With the cost of living rising and the global energy crisis placing more pressure on people’s finances, Eddy has decided to do his bit for his clients and to give something back.

The new referral scheme will be available to both existing clients and any new customers who sign up for Eddy Andrews services from January 1st, 2023. For every new referral that a company makes, they will receive 20% off their next order. That is not all, though. Any individual or organisation that refers 50 or more clients will receive a $250 cheque!

The discount will apply to any of Eddy Andrews’ wide range of services. Having worked with thousands of clients over the years, he has established himself as one of the finest copywriters in the industry and he is able to support businesses with all of their copy needs. From blogs and news articles to press releases, newsletters, emails, website copy, social media posts and more. Eddy is even a published author, having penned several creative short stories.

His services do not just end at the copywriting stage, though. Eddy Andrews is also a highly experienced content strategist. He is able to draw upon his years of experience to create a comprehensive content plan that is guaranteed to not only maximise your reach and increase the number of people visiting your website but also help you to convert those visitors into loyal customers.

Eddy is also able to support businesses with constructive product reviews and information architecture, helping them to develop their identity and create a strong and positive impression on consumers.

Speaking on the launch of the new referral scheme, Eddy Andrews said, “I know how difficult things are for people at the moment, and we are all having to tighten our purse strings slightly. That is why I wanted to do something that would give back to my clients, and this new referral scheme will hopefully help to do just that.

I’m incredibly proud of the business I have built up, and I have only been able to reach this point thanks to my loyal customers. That is why I am offering them a 20% discount for anyone they refer my way, while for those who regularly refer new clients, I’m going even further and offering them money back directly.”

To find out more about Eddy Andrews and the new referral scheme, get in touch via the contact us page.