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Fresh from announcing a brand new referral scheme for new and existing clients, experienced copywriter Eddy Andrews is now excited to announce that he is expanding his already extensive array of services even further for 2023. Alongside his usual content development and copywriting options, Eddy will now also be offering substantial SEO strategy and development options.

In this fast-paced digital world, having a captivating and exciting website is essential for businesses of all sizes. However, while having a beautiful and engaging site is one thing, it is no good if people are not visiting it. That is why it is essential that companies are also developing their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure that they are appearing as prominently as possible on Google.

With copywriting playing a major role in Search Engine Optimisation, this is a natural step for Eddy Andrews to make and allows him to provide a comprehensive approach for every client. The new SEO service will see Eddy undertaking extensive keyword research to ensure that clients are able to rank for the search terms that their customers are most frequently looking for.

Once the keywords have been established, Eddy Andrews will then craft unique copy that meets the latest requirements set out by search engines such as Google. As a highly experienced copywriter, he will be able to apply this new service to any type of writing that is required, including blogs, website copy and news stories.

Eddy Andrews expands into SEO

This new service comes in addition to Eddy’s already well-established array of options. From developing information architecture that is designed to help businesses establish their brand identity and showcase their skills through compelling and engaging content. He can also support with the creation of a clear content plan for blogs and social media, working closely with each client to transform their digital presence and maximise their reach and conversions.

Speaking on the launch of the new service, Eddy Andrews said, “This is a really exciting time for my business and adding this additional service will mean that I can provide my clients with a complete solution to their copywriting and SEO requirements, no matter if they are looking for blogs, social media content or even complete website rewrites.