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Whether you are looking to build your own blog to share your thoughts or want to maximise your company’s SEO, a blog is a fantastic digital marketing tool. As a highly experienced copywriter, Eddy Andrews has written captivating and engaging content for everyone from corporate brands to budding entrepreneurs.

What does it take to write a truly attention-grabbing blog, though? Eddy Andrews has taken a closer look…

  • Focus on your title

In the same way a book cover or album cover are designed to grab your focus when browsing in a shop, your blog title should capture the reader when they’re browsing on social media or Google. Make sure you are using the most engaging title possible with every blog you create.

  • Use real stories

Millions of users are sharing their content to the internet every day, so standing out from the crowd has never been tougher. Eddy Andrews believes that is why you should focus on sharing real stories. Readers react far more favourably to real-life stories, so make sure you are writing about inspirational stories about real passions and interests.

  • Keep it varied

That said, you should still vary your topics. If your blog continues to cover the same topics and stories, it will become very stale. That is why Eddy Andrews recommends you focus on varying your topics to cover a broader range of issues, not only will this keep your website interesting, but it will also help you branch out into further fields and expand your reach.

  • Be useful

Your blog should also be a valuable tool. When deciding on a topic or theme, there is one question you should as yourself: Will the reader be educated or enlightened? These are the two core factors that drive attention and will make browsers want to click on your article.

  • Keep it short

When it comes to blogging, time is very much of the essence. People are always on the go, so to make sure to grab and then maintain their attention, you should keep your blogs as concise and to the point as possible.

Need help with your blogs?

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