Eddy Andrews enjoying a good blog post

Are you looking to boost your SEO? Do you want to maximise your reach and build your customer base? Then experienced copywriter Eddy Andrews says adding a blog to your website can help you take your business to the next level.

Regularly blogging plays a vital role in your website for a whole host of reasons. But why does your website need a blog? Eddy Andrews has taken a closer look…

  • It’s completely free

What’s one of the best reasons that you should start blogging? It’s completely free! Digital marketing can be an expensive process, but the right blog can provide you with a chance to showcase your experience and knowledge to a huge audience without expensive fees. Don’t just take Eddy Andrews’ word for it, though, over 80% of businesses believe their blogs are a vital part of their business.

  • Boosts your SEO

Regular blogging is also a great way to increase your SEO and drive more traffic toward your website. The higher up the results on a search page you are, the more likely consumers will be to click on your website link and become a valued customers.

  • Showcase your personality

A blog is also a great way for you to showcase your softer side and give your brand a personal voice. Consumers do not want to work with or purchase from a faceless brand, which is why Eddy Andrews says a blog should form a part of your marketing strategy to help showcase you as individual people and you have a unique voice.

  • Demonstrate your expertise

OF course, blogging is not just about showcasing your personality. It is also a fantastic way to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Potential customers will often start their search by asking specific questions, so creating blogs that answer these will help to demonstrate that you are a leader in your specific industry.

  • Great social content

Are you stuck for ideas to share on social? Producing social content is crucial in this fast-paced digital world, but it can be tough to find original content to share. That is why Eddy Andrews believes blogs are a great way to help you create compelling content that your followers will love.

Looking to start a blog on your site?

While there can be no denying the many benefits that come from adding blogs to your site, if you are not a professional writer it can be a daunting prospect. That is why experienced copywriter Eddy Andrews is here to help you.

With years of experience in writing for everyone from small businesses to large corporations, he is able to tailor his writing to perfectly suit your brand. So no matter what industry you work in, if you are looking to create compelling and engaging content that will give your brand the edge over your competitors, get in touch with Eddy Andrews today.