Writing Tips For Beginners

Struggling to get your thoughts down on paper? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Every professional writer struggles with the dreaded writer’s block at times, but if you are just starting out on your journey, it can be tough to know where to begin.

As an experienced copywriter, Eddy Andrews knows how tough it can be to start putting pen to paper. That is why he has put together his top tips to help you:

  • Read plenty

One thing that helped Eddy Andrews in his writing career was reading. Not only is it essential in helping to understand the intricacies of the written word, but it can also help to spark your imagination.

  • Develop a routine

There is nothing worse than having to stare at a blank page and not knowing where to start. That is why Eddy believes one of the most important tips for any beginner writer is to establish a clear routine. You should focus on setting aside a set amount of time each day to focus on your writing.

  • Practice

Despite being a professional copywriter, Eddy Andrews still regularly undergoes writing exercises to enhance his skill. That is something that every new writer should do, too. There is a huge array of exercises available, with each option designed to help you enhance core areas you may struggle with.

  • Keep a journal

No matter whether you are looking to write fiction or non-fiction, a journal can be a fantastic addition to your armoury. Recording your daily observations can help to inspire your next story or essay, while also giving you the ability to write every day.

  • Do your research

Finally, you should never skip on your research. No matter whether you are a professional copywriter like Eddy Andrews or you are just starting out on your journey; you need to ensure that everything you produce has been thoroughly researched.

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